Your FREE 7 day plan to ROCK. IT. OUT. SMOOTHIE. STYLE
Let's talk SMOOTHIES.  

Maybe you've tried them before, maybe not.  Either way, you're here because you're curious enough to check them out.  I want to make sure you really have a chance to learn, ask questions and explore some tried and tested, amazing smoothie recipes -- everything from mild fruit flavor to intermediate fruit and veg combos right through to some knock-your-socks-off green smoothies that would totally impress your yoga instructor!  

Smoothies don't have to be green and they don't have to be full of all kinds of crazy ingredients.  

Join me for the 7 Day Smoothie Challenge and you'll see how quick, easy and tasty a smoothie can be!  
{{I double-dog- dare ya!}}


Hello Gorgeous!

Welcome to your 7 Day Smoothie Challenge!

I’m Sarah Lawrence.
I hope we've already had the pleasure of meeting face to face. Maybe we met at the Boston Health Fair, SAU 39 Biometric Screening, during a webinar or at one of my workshops.  

If we haven't met officially and you're here, well... I'm honored by the synchronicity and welcome you.

However you got here, I welcome you and thank you for coming and CONGRATULATE you on stepping into this challenge!  You embrace adventure. You're ready to live juicy!!!

Let me share that I’m a Certified Health Coach, Reiki Master Practioner, Laughter Yoga Teacher, and Writer.  I left a great corporate job as a Systems Administrator 14 years ago when my first babe was born.  I was blessed with a second baby 10 years ago and my challenge with autoimmune issues ramped up in ways that left me crippled with pain, fatigue and fear.  Raising 2 beautiful boys gave this mom the motivation to get answers and get back some balance.  A consistent protocol that includes nutrition, self-care, acupuncture, Reiki, Chiropractic, and laughter taught me that it is possible to live a great life with a chronic condition. I decided to pursue my passion, get trained and get out there into the world as a resource for anyone struggling the way I did... and for anyone wanting to avoid that struggle.  

My passion is educating and empowering you with strategies that unlock the benefits of nutrition, self-care and stress relief because it CHANGE LIVES!  I don't push products, though I have some favorites.  

My job is connecting you with the knowledge to make healthy choices in a supported, motivated, manageable and sustainable way.  

My expertise is in supporting you through whatever life is throwing at you, whenever it comes... from autoimmune conditions, food allergies/sensitivities, and chronic pain to the daily hustle of juggling work/friends/family/free time.


I am honest.  I don't sugar coat things.  I call things as I see them.  In my world, this is how I create relationships built on integrity and trust.  

So, I'll tell you -- I make smoothies most mornings and often again for afternoon snack.  My busy life is full of rockin' energy because my body is nourished by really good foods.

As a mom, I balance kids, a husband who travels a ton, and a menagerie or beloved pets.  I run my own business, write and continue to improve my education.  I volunteer in my kid's schools and am on the local School Board... ALL with a chronic autoimmune condition.  I could be completely caffeine dependent and exhausted (but most of the time, I'm not!)  If I can do it, so can you!  But it takes work.  Are you ready?

The time is now, my friend. I want you to feel great and unleash your rockin' life, so grab your all-access pass to my signature smoothie program - FREE!  No strings attached. 



  • FYI: This is not a diet.

    This is the Universe giving you the opportunity to have some fun with me for 7 days.

    You'll be supported, loved, and drinking a smoothie a day!


  • One smoothie a day may keep the doctor away.

    Smoothies bathe your cells in protective nutrients, phytochemicals and antioxidants.

    Not only do you want this, but you need this!

    Say "yes" and join me.

  • Get ready for all kinds of crazy good tips for living the rockin' good life you deserve.

    You know exactly what I'm talking about...

    the life where you feel totally amazing and ready to take on every day

    with the energy you had back in the days of riding Big Wheels around the block for hours on end. 

    I'm Ready!

  • The time is now, my friend.

    I want you to feel great and unleash your rockin' life,
    so I am giving you access
    to my signature smoothie program for FREE!

    No. Strings. Attached.

  • Then, it's you, me & smoothies!

    7 days of fun and support. For.YOU!

  • Want to know the really beautiful thing?

    NO pills and NO powders, nothing to buy but produce!

    {{You are gonna fall in smoothie love}}

    I WANT IN!

  • Let's change your life today.

    It's time to say goodbye to the "crash and burn" feeling at 4 p.m.
    and say hello to feeling great all day long.


It's the big question, right?  Why should I try this challenge?  Well, I'll tell ya...

By adding one healthy smoothie a day, your body and mind can change in at least these 10 amazing ways: 

1.     You will have glowing skin

2.     You will have natural, sustained energy

3.     You will boost your immune system

4.     You will improve your digestion and bowel function

5.     You will reduce or eliminate belly bloat

6.     You will have shiny hair

7.     You will enjoy rockin’ restorative sleep

8.     You will get closer to that ideal body and balance you desire

9.     Your moods will balance on the bright side

10.   You will smile more


What you Get:

~ 7 Day Smoothie Challenge eBook
When you sign up, I will email you a link to download the 7 Day Smoothie Challenge eBook that contains amazingly easy, healthy, tasty smoothie formulas!  

~Fabulous Facebook Forum
You get access to a forum that I've set up EXCLUSIVELY  for this challenge! This gives you access to me during your Challenge.  A one on one connection can really make the difference when you're thinking about making a shift in your health routine.

What to Expect:
~ A great ADDITION to your current nutrition approach
The 7 Day Smoothie Challenge is NOT an all liquid plan.  It IS a fun, easy way to ADD nutrients into your diet.

~ No deprivation!  
This is NOT a calorie restriction plan.  Unlike plans that are centered around powders and pills, you will be working with REAL WHOLE FOODS because you LIVE A REAL LIFE!  You will not feel deprived unless you're not eating enough in addition to your smoothies.  Instead, you will feel balanced, energized, and ready to take on your busy day!

~ Support, Motivation & Inspiration
My friend, I'll be with you every step!  Because smoothies are a part of my daily routine, I make them, I drink them, I love them. In the forum I post pictures, my daily recipes and tips so it's a snap to see how easy it is to incorporate smoothies into your everyday.